Nakano’s House in Tamsui

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  Nakano’s House is located at 1, Lane 20, Zhongzheng Road , where the two-floor building with a basement was built by Nakano Kintaro in the Japanese colonial period. The house was designated as a historic spot in 2008.

  The building is about 14.6 meters long and 6.5 meters wide. The combination of the eaves and plank with sunblind engraving of the building gives a beautiful external appearance. Nakano’s House faces the picturesque Tamsui River, with the Mount Guanyi nearby. Beautiful landscape can be viewed from the House.

  During the Japanese colonial period, Japanese residences were usually merged with European architectural styles, which was the influence of modernism. After World War II, the building was taken over by the government. Today Tamsui District Office is responsible for the management of the building.

~translated by Yu-Hui Lyu

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